Each of the following samples have been reduced in size, but are still fully functional. If you would like to see the full sized version simply click the link on each sample.

Sample 1 is a page I am in the process of creating where students and other jazz afficiandos can go to find out about some of the great jazz artists. Once there they can select an artist, read their bio, listen to some tracks, see the album artwork and see who the other artists playing on that track are. It is still a work in progress. It takes a while to convert from vinyl to digital and gather information on each artist. To date the trumpets, trombones and one sax are complete.

Sample 2 is a page that was built to recap the Arizona Western College JazzFest 2007 concert with Jazz Saxophonist Steve Wilkerson. It was developed to give those that missed the concert a chance to see and hear highlights of the show.

Sample 3 is a page that was built to promote CDs that are available on the CAP Music Online Store.




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