What do I do with my life besides designing and building websites?

Well I am first and foremost a musician and music educator. My full-time gig is Professor of Instrumental Music at Arizona Western College in Yuma, AZ. Oops, I almost forgot - I retired last May. I have no Full-Time Gig:-) I play guitar with the Yuma Jazz Company and trombone with the Yuma Big Band.

I started the web design business after I had built a couple of personal sites for myself. You can check them out on the Portfolio page. My personal site is simply that, a site about me. CAP Music was a site developed to laud the Independent Musicians that I know. This site evolved into the CAP Music Online Store where these Independent Musicians can sell their printed music, CDs or anything else they have done that is music related.

YJC TrioYou can view all of our gigs at this link: Calendar

Here is where you can view photos from previous gigs. In case you haven't noticed I play the guitar. Even though my degrees are in trombone performance, I make more money playing the guitar with the Yuma Jazz Company.

Listen to the Yuma Jazz Company Radio Station at
Jango Airplay

Listen to the Yuma Jazz Company on IM Radio

Check out some videos of Yuma Jazz Company.

Photos of Yuma Jazz Company at Lute's Casino. Click the picture for a larger version.




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