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Andrea Baker-Wilkerson

I have been very happy with the beautiful work Carl Posch has done not only for my personal website andreabakerjazz, but for the college site at Pasadena City College pccjazz as well.

The sites have really attracted a lot of attention and I always hear responses like "Looks really sharp" and "Very professional site" etc.

Carl's attention to detail and his understanding of musical and visual needs is quite apparent. I am constantly recommending him to friends and colleagues.

Andrea Baker-Wilkerson

Yuma County Music Educators

Over the last three of four years the Yuma County Music Educators Association, YCMEA, has used CAP Design to host, design, and keep updated a website for our association. Carl’s professional design and easy to use formats have allowed us to streamline our operation so that we can monitor activities, disseminate information, and do our festival registration online (saving many trees). In addition, Carl has even included multimedia presentations such as slide shows featuring students at many of our music festivals.

Besides all the items YCMEA needs to do business, Carl has added links to professional music organizations and offers articles dealing with topics pertinent to music education. Through our website Carl has made it easier to network with other professional organizations and offer resources that our students and their parents might find useful.

YCMEA is grateful for the website Carl has developed and recommend his services to anyone needing a professionally designed website for their needs.

Randy Wright - YCMEA

Ringland Guitars

I'm very excited about the new website for Ringland Guitars built by CAP Design. It will help my business to grow with digital marketing. It keeps me organized and helps me communicate clearly with my clients.

Carl has all the latest software tools at his finger tips. His approach has been both responsive and innovative. He is also a great teacher and a true friend.

Johm Ringland
Ringland Guitars

Sandy Megas:Arranger

While a friend of mine was working on his MBA, one of his course assignments was to create a webpage for a business. This was quite a few years ago and I had already been toying with the idea for a while. He decided to use this as an opportunity to fulfill a class requirement without having to create a fictitious business entity.

As it turned out, between the two of us, our webpage making skills left a whole lot to be desired. We knew how to turn on a computer and launch a html program but after that things got a little dicey. So we brought in somebody whose skills were only slightly better.

For the first couple of years my webpage had a decidedly “homegrown” quality about it. And it had a slew of other problems with it. It seems there were all kind of code issues. On top of that, the site was really just a page to look at. No sound samples, no way to place an order. I had already lost a few potential customers because there was no way for them to pay by credit card. You had to actually call me and place the order by phone and then wait for me to receive the check and then fill the order and on and on and on…….

So, in short, the page was a wreck and was all but worthless.

I call my good friend Carl Posch who I knew had some experience with web design because of his own web page but I didn’t fully appreciate to what extent. I was lamenting about my page and asked him how I can go about improving this and fixing that, I mean, depending on what computer you were on or what browser you were using the page may not show up at all. As I’m chatting on the phone with him he’s looking at my page and gasping at the mess that’s in the code. He tells me he’ll take a look at it and make some adjustments.

A couple of hours later he calls me back and tells me to look at my site. I nearly pass out. It’s gorgeous, an absolute beauty! Instead of an embarrassinly amateurish page with a bunch of lists, I have a fully functional site that has a database, Paypal buttons to make purchases, sound bites and all kinds of nifty features. This site now looks slick and professional, something I can feel good about and use to generate business. As a result of Carl's work and skill I have received international orders that would not have been possible otherwise.

Carl knows his stuff. He was able to identify the problems and resolve them while creating an attractive page that works with all the bells and whistles. And he accomplishes all this faster than I could’ve imagined possible.

He is fully capable of helping anybody realize their dream website. He will work with you to help achieve the results you want. Carl is a consummate professional and you can have confidence that he will meet your needs in a timely manner.

He also plays trombone, I know, I've heard him.

Thanks Carl!

Sandy Megas

Jaime Vasquez Valdovino

To create my first web page was a difficult task. I wanted someone that could fuse inspiration, creativity and professionalism into my first web page and, at the same time, maintain my personality within. The designer would need to understand my vision but also have the ability to guide me with his/her expertise.

I discovered the epitome of what I was looking for in one of my greatest mentors, Carl Posch.

Carl exhibited all that I envisioned in a web designer; articulate, creative, professional and willing to offer the best advice to make my presence on the web first-class. Knowing him in different capacities over the years, I have found Carl to be one of the most honest and reliable persons I have met.

As a teacher he played a vital role in my music education. His astute attention to accuracy made a lasting impression on my playing and my teaching. This sometimes led to an honesty that I learned later in my life to be seen as wisdom.

As a friend, he has been open to hear my opinions and has been supportive in my professional career, offering guidance wherever it is needed.

As a musician, Carl builds great camaraderie with fellow musicians.  He highlights their achievements and abilities based on their personal goals.

The attributes that Carl exhibits as a friend, teacher and musician gives my website a personal touch that no other web designer could emulate. Those attributes carry over into his work as a web designer and it is what sets him above the rest in terms of excellence; a professional presence with a hometown feel.

I highly recommend, Carl for your web design needs.

Jaime Vasquez Valdovino M.M

Jaime Vasquez Valdovino

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